how green is your school...

Our school...

Our school is “Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi”. It is located in Afidnes, a little village on the foot of mountain Parnithas, in Athens, Greece

The school is surrounded with plants and big trees. As you enter the school you find your self surrounded with small plants and two yards of grass. In the playground of the kindergarden you can see lots of flowers. In the center of our school you can find the patio which is the most beautiful place of our school. This brings light into all the classes so that we don't have to turn on the lights in sunny days.

In all computer labs we use screen savers so that we save energy. All our classes have many windows so that we won’t need to use electricity. All computers are closed after every class but most children don’t close the screen for the power button.

Our playground is surrounded by trees and we don’t use it only for our lunch break but also for teaching (maybe not in all of the classes). We mostly use it in activities as football, tennis, basket and environmental classes. One hour of the week we can choose a subject that we like for a list of clubs, is what we call “omilos”. One of these subjects is learning about the environment and how to plant and take care of a flower.

When we leave a classroom we close all the lights and on sunny days we don’t have to turn them on at all. We have recycle bins for paper, plastic and batteries. We also have litter bins. The most common problem is that most kids confuse the recycle bins with the litter and spoil the recycling. Many of them do it in a hurry, because they don’t care or they’re not well informed.

We use save energy lamps in most of the school’s classrooms. We use recycled paper to print our announcements or worksheets.     

Our school is near the mountain so we can’t go on foot so most of the children have to take the school buses. The buses use petroleum which is bad for the environment. Another thing is that we don’t use solar or wind power to heat the water or save energy.

Photos from our effort to recycle...

You can see the conteiner the chef uses to recycle the fat, recycling bins all around the school, garbage bins, the air drying machine and  the recycling batteries bins.