how green is your school...

These are our suggestions...

  • Turn off the lights on sunny days.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Use biological products.
  • Turn off the electrical devices from the power.
  • Don’t overuse.
  • Keep our environment clean.
  • Use paper for new creations.
  • Plant more trees or flowers.
  • Separate recycling bins for glass, plastic, paper and food.
  • Use photovoltaic and wind turbines on the terrace to save energy.
  • Place more recycle bins.
  • Plant grass in our football, basket, tennis courts and playground, and don’t use plastic grass.
  • Use saving energy lights.
  • Use ecological paints to paint the school.
  • Use detergents friendly to the environment.
  • Use our playground as a place of teaching.
  • Recycle our old books and notebooks.
  • Plant vegetables and fruits in a small garden.
  • Reuse our water to water the plants.
  • Make a special lesson where students can learn about recycling and form activity groups. 
  • Organize environmental excursions. 
  • Repair any lick and use double glasses for insulation.
  • Create groups to clean the brook next to our school.
  • Put flower pots in every corner of the shed. 
  • Use ecological school buses.
We know our solutions aren't original or something new but the most important thing is that we involved everyone. We made everyone care. We made everybody act for himself and don't wait for the others to act for him. On the 5th and 6th of May we have an "Open Weekend" to our school where we will be able to inform even more people. We will print posters, stickers and T-shirts. And don't forget...
Don't try to find the solution...Become the solution...