how green is your school...

Welcome to our website!

We are the GrEeN TeAm. In our team we are two girls and two boys. The girls are Marili Komporozou, Mary Papadrakaki and the boys are Aggelos Vakassis and Manolis Klados. Our teacher is Ms Effie Antonopoulou. We are making a research on how “green” is our school and what we can do to benefit our environment.

The idea began from our daily life. We saw kids threw their garbage to the ground. Many people, in the school, didn’t recycle. Many classes were having the lights on in the middle of the day (and after all, Greece is one of the sunniest countries of the world). So we want to solve all these problems.

Our school has already some ways to benefit the environment. Some of them are the patio, some recycle bins, fluorine lamps, bins for recycling batteries and the most important of all a beautiful environment with many, 
many trees.